My Fertilizing Company applies only top of the line granular fertilizers and liquid weed control to deliver the best results. We also offer free service calls if any problems arise.  Every visit our technician will leave detailed notes and diagnose any issues that are observed.  We feel that we have developed the most comprehensive program available. If you want the best looking lawn on the block we have the perfect program for you.

My Fertilizing Company Andrew Walsh Lawn Care Livonia

Visit 1: March – May ( 2 Applications )

We will apply a spring GRANULAR FERTILIZER to promote spring green up. A LIQUID DANDELION DEFENDOR is also applied to your prevent dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. 

Visit 2: April – June

We will apply a balanced late spring GRANULAR FERTILIZER and apply a PRE-EMERGENT CRABGRASS CONTROL to prevent future weeds and crabgrass. We will also spray LIQUID WEED CONTROL to eliminate any weeds present.

Visit 3: June – July 

An early summer slow release GRANULAR FERTILIZER will be applied to the entire lawn. A LIQUID WEED CONTROL will be applied to any weeds present.

Visit 4: July – September

A late summer slow release GRANULAR FERTILIZER, specially developed to help prevent heat stress, will be applied to your lawn. We will also apply a LIQUID WEED CONTROL to any weeds present.

Visit 5: August – October

A slow release GRANULAR FERTILIZER, will be applied to your entire lawn. We will also apply a LIQUID WEED CONTROL to any weeds present.

Visit 6:  October – November

The fall beautifier fertilizer consists of a well balanced GRANULAR FERTILIZER applied to your lawn to help promote strong root development. This will keep your lawn green while your neighbors lawns are going dormant. 

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