The last things anyone wants when their pet or child rolls around on the lawn are fleas and ticks.


Fleas are tiny, irritating insects that don’t grow much larger than the tip of a pen. Their bites are itchy and sometimes painful. Getting rid of them is hard as they reproduce quickly, especially if you have pets in the household. But even if you don’t have pets, your yard can potentially play host to fleas and you may end up with a bunch of mysterious bites.  Here are some symptoms of fleabites:

  • Bites appear as small, red bumps
  • A red “halo” can be seen around the bite center
  • Bites can show up in groups of three, four or even in a straight line
  • Bites are common around the waist, armpits, breasts, groin, feet and legs


Ticks are small 8 legged insects that can range in size from as small as a pin head to as large as an pencil eraser. They are commonly found in grass, trees, brush, shrubs and leaf piles. They are attracted to people and animals. Tick bites can range from harmless to infectious. Here are some tick bite facts:

  • They latch on to the skin and draw blood
  • Symptoms range form localized pain and rashes to full body rashes, chills fevers and nausea
  • Bites are usually easy to identify as the tick can remain attached to the skin for several days or even weeks
  • Disease infected ticks can carry: Lyme Disease, Colorado Tick Fever and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

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