a Lawn infested with grubs can be destroyed in a few weeks.  Don’t wait until its too Late. 

Guaranteed Grub Preventative

Preventing grubs before they become a problem is the only way to ensure they don’t cause significant damage to your lawn. Beetles lay their eggs in your lawn, the eggs hatch and begin feeding on the root system of your lawn.  As you can see below, this can cause serious damage to your lawn.  Damaged lawns will die out and you will be able to roll the grass back like carpet because the roots are all eaten by the grubs.  Our Grub Preventative is guaranteed to prevent grub damage all year long.

New clients with active grubs will need 2 treatments the first year followed by 1 every year after.  The 1st early contact surface treatment is applied April-June. This helps reduce active feeding grubs.  The 2nd treatment is a preventative which is applied June-July.

Grub Control Killer

Once a lawn is infested with grubs, the 1st mode of action is applying a Grub Control Killer.  This may take multiple applications to completely kill all generations of grubs. We highly recommend that our clients apply a Grub Control Preventative yearly. The best way to save your lawn from costly grub damage, is to prevent grubs in the first place. 

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