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Olive Shiplett

One of the most valued employees of My Fertilizing Company is Olive. Born on 10/29/12, Olive is a Pitty that Ryan rescued from Fetch Dog Rescue when she was just 9 weeks old. Olive is well trained and knows many tricks. As she got a little older, Olive decided that she wanted to go into sales. You can often find Olive assisting Ryan closing deals. As of September 2015, Olive became a certified therapy dog. She volunteers at St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia. Keep your eye out for this cute pup.

Max Walsh

My Fertilizing Company Max Walsh

Max is a new addition to My Fertilizing Company.  Janina and Andrew rescued Max from Good Karma Puppy Rescue  when he was 8 weeks old.  Max was born on 4-9-2016 and at such a young age he is a numbers wizard.  Max does all the financial strategy and accounting work for the company.  You can find max pawing away at the keyboard and mouse most the time, but Max has big plans for the future.

Ryan Shiplett

This is an image of My Fertilizing Company owner Ryan Shiplett

While attending Schoolcraft College, Ryan was undecided with the direction of his professional future. In late 2000 he had an opportunity to buy a local lawn maintenance company. After a few days of negotiating, RS Lawn Care was established in early 2001. Since 2001 Ryan has made RS Lawn Care grow from 30 clients, to over 300 clients, making RS one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the local area. Over the years, Ryan and Andrew have maintained a close relationship. Andrew actually helped Ryan get certified/licensed in Turf and Pesticide Management. One night around 11:00 pm Ryan called Andrew to see if he would be interested in starting a fertilizing company.  Within 12 hours Andrew was in and soon after My Fertilizing Company was established. 

On August 20th 2016, surrounded by loved ones, Ryan married the love of his life Mina in Akumal Mexico. They have 2 children together… A little boy names Evan and Olive (aka pitty), who is a certified therapy dog. 

Andrew Walsh

This is a picture of My fertilizing Company Owner Andrew Walsh

Andrew and Ryan became friends while attending Livonia Franklin High School.  After Graduating in 1999, Andrew went on to attend Michigan State University and started fertilizing lawns as a summer job. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, he accepted a position as Production Manager and helped to open a new franchise location in Columbus, Ohio.  Over the years he has had experience in many management positions from Production Manager to Marketing Director.  Andrew holds 8 certifications from the Michigan Department of Agriculture, making him one of the highest certified applicators in the state.  After 14 years in the industry Andrew made his dream come true and co-founded My Fertilizing Company with Ryan.

In 2012 Andrew married his college sweetheart Janina. Janina is a certified Master Gardener through Michigan State University and has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Western Michigan. They live in Commerce Township with their 4 Children; Janina May, Max (dog), Richard Parker and Midna (both cats). 

Dan Adrich

Dan has been interested in science, biology and the outdoors his whole life. He was first certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture in 2006 and continues to take educational courses through the Michigan Green Industry Association.  With Dan’s continuing education and knowledge of the field, he is an indispensable member of the My Fertilizing Company team.  Dan is an honest employee who has nothing but the best in mind for both the customer and the environment. Dan resides in Royal Oak where he takes advantage of the local disc golf parks, and spends quality time with his dog Psyche.  He also enjoys hiking while searching for plants, mushroom, and minerals.

Janina Walsh
Office Manager

Janina Walsh was born and raised in Marquette, Michigan making her a true Yooper.  She grew up working at her dad’s Bonanza Steakhouse until 2000 when she moved to Kalamazoo to attend Western Michigan University. After graduating with a bachelor of arts in English and Environmental Studies she married long time love and My Fertilizing Company owner Andrew Walsh. Now residing in Commerce MI, Janina enjoys taking advantage of the nearby lakes during all the seasons’ whether it’s kayaking and fishing in the summer or ice skating in the winter. She also adores spending time with her dog Max and two cats Richard and Midna.

Trisha Hoover
Sales & Customer Service
A picture of My Fertilizing Company's sales representative Trisha Hoover

Raised in Arizona, Trisha first visited Michigan in 2007 and fell in love with all the natural beauty. She quickly made Michigan her new home. She got a job at J. Alexanders where she met Janina and the two became fast friends. Her experience in the service industry will help her become the best sales associate at My Fertilizing Company. In her spare time she likes watching and going to sporting events (she’s a HUGE Denver Broncos fan), getting outside for hikes and bike rides and relaxing with her two cats Destro and Athena.

Brett Rose
Lawn Technician
A picture of My Fertilizing Company's Fertilizing Technician Brett Rose

Brett Grew up in Presque Isle county Michigan, at the tip of the mitt in the lower peninsula. By day he worked at the local mill and by night he commuted to Petoskey to attend North Central Michigan College. Brett Graduated North Central with an Associates of Business and then moved his studies to Central Michigan University, where he earned his bachelors in Health Science.

Brett Spends most of his free time outside enjoying the beautiful state of Michigan and volunteering with friends. He is an active citizen forester and a Friend of the Library member. Brett is always looking for a positive way to impact the community, so if you know a good cause and happen to see him, tell him about it.

James Walsh
Warehouse Guru
This is an image of James Walsh

James was born in Ann Arbor Michigan roughly around 56 B.C.  He grew up in Detroit and attended high school at St Mary’s of Redford. After high school James attended Michigan State where he earned a degree in Public Affairs Management. While in college, James was working as a life guard at the City of Detroit Parks and Rec.  There he met a sweet lady named Peggy. A few years they married and had 2 children, Andrew and Denise. Since then he has became a grandfather as well.

While James is retired and not an official employee of My Fertilizing Company, he is a big part of the MFC Team. He comes up with innovative ideas on how to make the business more efficiently. He also gives the employees a lot of embarrassing info about Andrew and Ryan when they were younger.
James is one of the biggest MSU Basketball and Football Fans there is. If you ever see James out and about, be sure to say hello. 

Korey Hilliker
Lawn Technician
This is an image of Korey Hilliker

Korey grew up the youngest of 5 brothers in a small Northern Michigan town called Onaway. While in high school he competed in football and wrestling. After high school, Korey attended Northern Central Michigan College, where he earned an Associate’s Degree and Central Michigan University.

After college, Korey moved to Saginaw for an employment opportunity… It just so happened he met the love of his life Beth at that same job. Together they have an amazing son named Liam. Korey says “being a father is the greatest thing I have ever experienced. I love my family and I am extremely happy being a dad”.