Not only are mosquitoes an annoying pest, but they can also carry diseases.  We offer a mosquito spray that works right away and last for up to a month.  We use a backpack sprayer that allows us to spray a precise application to shrubs and plants and any other areas that mosquitoes might be present.  We offer a 4 Application Program of sprays to keep your yard mosquito free or Special Event Sprays for events like graduation parties, barbecues, weddings or any other parties.

This is a picture of a beautiful lawn in northville michigan

Visit 1: May – June

As mosquitoes begin to emerge we will apply a LIQUID MOSQUITO CONTROL to shrubs, plants, and any other foliage around your property where mosquitoes are hiding.

Visit 2: June – July

We will apply a LIQUID MOSQUITO CONTROL to your property.  Enjoy your property and take back the summer.

Visit 3: July – August

To keep the mosquitoes at bay we apply a LIQUID MOSQUITO CONTROL to your property.

Visit 4: August – September

We will apply a LIQUID MOSQUITO CONTROL to your property.  This application will allow you to enjoy the last part of summer without pesky mosquito bites.

Special Event Sprays

Having a graduation party or neighborhood barbecue?  No matter what the outdoor event is, we can ensure mosquitoes will not be attending.  We will apply a LIQUID MOSQUITO CONTROL to your property before the party so your guests won’t be swarmed with mosquito bites.

For more info call (248) 923-1000 or click below to schedule your Mosquito Protectection Program