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Meet The Team: Ben Adams

This is an image of Ben Adams of My Fertilizing Company

Ben is new to the industry but has not skipped a beat! He has been earning his spot on the team, and his knowledge for the field is growing each day.  As one of our youngest team members, we are eager to help mold Ben into another AWESOME Lawn Technician. 

Ben grew up in, and currently resides in Garden City. He attended Garden City High where he played soccer and still enjoys the sport today. While most of his days are spent hanging out with his brother, Ben likes to watch movies and play video games too. One of his favorite things to do is watch movies with his Dad, especially Marvel movies. 

Ben’s Quick Facts

Favorite Hobbies:  Playing Video Games

Favorite Foods:  Donuts

Favorite Actor:  Chris Evans

Favorite Show: Family Guy

Favorite Team: Detroit Lions

Favorite Movie: Captain America

Favorite Color:  Blue

Best Friend:  His Brother Austin

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