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Meet The Team: Brianna Stevens

This is an image of Brianna Stevens of My Fertilizing Company

Brianna joins My Fertilizing Company as a Sales Representative and it has been a great addition! Bri, as she goes by, has quickly honed in on her sales skill set and is thriving in welcoming clients to My Fertilizing Company. She enjoys gardening, donating to nonprofits and supporting efforts to help the environment thrive. Bri comes from a large family and is always pitching in to help, at home and around the office!  She graduated from Starkweather Academy and lives in Canton with her beloved animals, 2 bunnies, 2 dogs and a turtle!  

Brianna’s Quick Facts

Favorite Hobbies:  Exercising 

Favorite Foods:  Blueberry Muffins, Shrimp &  Garlic Parmesan Noodles

Favorite Actor:  Adam Sandler

Favorite Show: Supernatural

Favorite Team: Detroit Lions

Favorite Movie: Dude Where’s My Car

Favorite Color:  Pink

Best Friend:  Hailey

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