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Meet The Team: Drew Nouné

This is an image of Drew Nouné

Drew was born and raised in Plymouth Michigan, growing up near MFC teammate Matt Esper.   Until recently, Drew spent the past 15 years teaching science at an elementary school in Florida.  While teaching in Florida, Drew found a passion for farming and agriculture. He went as far as developing an after school program to teach students all about farming that all the kids loved.

Recently, Drew purchased an old golf course (Really!) in Deerfield, MI with the intentions of turning it into a farm.  He is excited to learn all he can with MFC so he can use the knowledge on his farm.

Drew’s Quick Facts

Favorite Hobbies:   Biking, Cooking, Playing Music  and Farming

Favorite Foods:  Pizza, Goulash and Pasta Salad

Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell

Favorite Team:     Team USA

Favorite song:    Too  Many To Count

Best Friends:   Chris B

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