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This is a picture of a lawn with and without moisture management

Lawn Tips “Moisture Manager”

I Drought You Will Have A Problem Saving Money

What if I told you that there is a lawn treatment that can actually cut your watering bill in half? Well the good news is we recently added our Moisture Manager application that does just that.  It’s doesn’t have to be just for lawns, it can be applied to most all plants and trees too. 

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, Michigan is going through an abnormally dry summer. 

This is a diagram of Michigan drought

As shown in the diagram below, most of the moisture in soil is lost to evaporation before the plant can utilize it.  Our Moisture Manager application acts like a magnet to keep the water molecules in the soil.

This is a Moisture Manager Doc

Proper irrigation is always recommended, but it is not always an option.  City watering restrictions, large properties and budgeting can effect how often a lawn is watered.  A poorly irrigated lawn can also lead to poor soil conditions, thus creating optimal situations for weeds and lawn diseases.  Moisture Manager helps reduce the amount of water needed. 

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