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Lawn Tips “Watering”

PROPER watering of your lawn is the most crucial and overlooked part of having a beautiful lawn.  Below are some tips to keep your lawn lush and green during the hot and dry summer months:

  • Automatic irrigation systems are ideal to keep your lawn on a proper watering schedule.
    • Don’t just set your irrigation set your irrigation schedule and forget about it… Climate changes throughout the year and even from year to year can really cause problems to a lawn if not properly managed.
  • Daily watering is much more beneficial to reduce disease and heat stress than less frequent watering.
    • Daily watering does not necessarily mean watering with a higher amount of water per week. It just means spacing the watering to a daily schedule.
  • Not all areas of lawns need to be watered for the same duration. Areas that receive more sunlight and less shade may require more water than shady area lawns. It is important to look at the lawn and make adjustments throughout the season.
    • Although shady areas under trees may require extra watering as the tree roots can soak up water and tree canopy’s can prevent rain water from reaching the soil.
  • Watering in the early morning is best (5:00 am-7:00 am). Night watering can promote fungus.
  • In times of summer droughts or severe heat, water everyday and even a second time during mid evening if necessary. Again, it is important to look at the lawn and make adjustments throughout the season.
  • Soil Composition
    • Lawns with sandy soil will require more water per week as the water leeches through the sand quickly.
    • Lawns with clay soil may require less water per week as the water seeps slowly though the clay.
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