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This is a picture of My Fertilizing employee Max Walsh

Meet The Team: CFO Max Walsh


Max is the CFO My Fertilizing Company.  Janina and Andrew rescued Max from Good Karma Puppy Rescue  when he was 8 weeks old.  Max was born on 4-9-2016 and at such a young age he is a numbers wizard.  Max does all the financial strategy and accounting work for the company.  You can find max pawing away at the keyboard and mouse most the time, but Max has big plans for the future.

Max’s Quick Facts

Favorite Hobbies: Chewing Toy and Obedience Class

Favorite Foods: French Fries & Stinky Cheese’s

Favorite Actor: Antonio Banderes

Favorite Movie: Blazing Saddles

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Favorite song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Friends: Donner (German Shepard)

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