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Aeration is one of the best services we can offer your lawn. Aeration is the process of mechanically removing thousands of small plugs of thatch and soil from your lawn. Some key benefits are:

  • Allows more air, water, and nutrients down into the root zone of the grass
  • Helps strengthen roots
  • Reduces soil compaction


Once aeration is complete, your lawn is in optimal condition to begin seeding. The best temperature to germinate grass seed is between 60 – 80 F, that’s why spring and fall are typically the best time to have this service performed. Some key benefits of this combined service are:

  • The holes from the aeration allow seeds to get to the soil
  • Helps keep seedlings at a more stable temperature
  • Helps protect seedlings from environmental elements such as water runoff, animals, minor foot traffic and too much sunlight

My fertilizing Company aeration overseeding nutrients

For more info call (248) 923-1000 or click below to schedule your Aeration & Overseeding.

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    Our goal as a company is to give our clients the best customer experience possible.
    We achieve this by:
    •     Keeping a highly trained staff
    •     Giving great customer service
    •     Educating our clients
    •     Using the best products
    •     And the truth is we really care

    Exceptional Customer Service

    This is a picture of My Fertilizing Company customer service

    It is no secret that a good customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a successful lawn care company. That’s why we have highly trained employees who answer the phone to help with any questions you may have and to provide our clients with a great customer experience. 

    Before and After Service Emails

    Customer communication is very important to us, that’s why we offer our before and after service emails. As shown in the images below, you will be notified 24 hours before your scheduled service.  The email will have details about the upcoming service. After the service is performed, our clients receive notes about what the technician saw along with any recommendations.  Our clients can even access their account to order service or pay their bill through the emails.

    Before Service Email
    24 Hours Before Service
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    This is a preview of an image of My Fertilizing Company's before service email

    Detailed Invoices
    Left At Property After Service
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    This is an image of the detailed invoices after my fertilizing company performs a service

    After Service Email
    12-24 hrs After Service
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    This is a preview of an image of My Fertilizing Company's after service email

    We Use The Best Products

    MFC owners Andrew and Ryan both grew up in houses that taught “If you’re going to do a job, do it right the first time”.  We use the same theory here at MFC.  The truth is that it is actually cheaper to use more expensive products.  Here’s an example: If a client calls about a hard to kill weed like wild violet, we would rather use a more expensive product that can eliminate the weed(s) in 1 application than use a product that may 2-3 applications.  Not only will we be losing valuable time when we have to keep coming out to service the property, but our clients won’t be happy that the weeds are not dying.  So in that example the cost of repeat visits and customer dissatisfaction far surpasses the price of the higher end products. 

    Educating Our Clients

    Establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn takes some knowledge, that’s why we always are constantly updating our website and writing blogs about lawn care.  As discussed before, we also educate our clients in our Before and After Emails. Check out our Lawn FAQ page or our blog to learn more. 

    The Truth Is… We Really Care

    Owners Andrew and Ryan take pride in owning My Fertilizing Company.  That’s why we go through great lengths to do all the things mentioned above.  

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